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This is the first year for Team CMAA to participant Online Challenge. All team members agreed tiny up the journey from 2016 to present. Since more and more new teammates to join our team. Building website is a good way to introduce ourselves and let more people to understand us.


Yellow Jacket is the main signature our team. Basically, every team from local competition, national competition and VEX Worlds recognize us because of the Yellow Jacket.

We wore the Yellow Jacket since 2016. Also, this year we established our VEX U team. So, this is our important and remarkable year.

All teammates agreed that VEX Robotics Competition boosts our self-esteem and unites us as a team. We are proud to wear our Yellow Jacket.

For this online challenge, arranging a photoshoot for taking professional photos. To be honestly, we used 4 hours to take a satisfied photo. It is just like testing robot before the competition. We are testing our robot million times before the robot is good and stable performance.

Hope you feel the our passion on VEX Robotics Competition. 

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